Tree Removal

Tree Removal for San Antonio, TX

There are many reasons why a tree from your property may need to be taken down. If a tree is diseased or damaged, it can pose a safety hazard if left alone. Having a specialist evaluate any problematic trees on your property is the best way to decide when one should be removed. If you have any concerns about a tree falling, Teague's Tree Service can help. Our arborists specialize in professional tree removals and even stump removal services.

Sometimes you don’t want the tree or stump that is currently in your yard to be there. When that happens, don’t try to remove it yourself. Tree removal can lead to destroyed property or even injuries if you don’t know what you’re doing. Instead, call Teague’s Tree Service.

Our licensed and insured arborists are experts at tree removal, and we’ll have that tree gone and your yard cleaned up in less time than you thought possible. We’ll make sure that tree doesn't go to waste, too. Learn more about our services and give us a call at (210) 718-0142 today!

Tree Removal 

When a tree becomes old, diseased, or damaged by the wind and weather, it’s best to have it professionally moved before gravity or Mother Nature takes that tree down at the worst possible moment. Tree removal is very dangerous if it is not handled properly, but the experts at Teague’s Tree Service will take care of the job safely and efficiently. We’ll even haul the old tree away for you, leaving you with a clean and tidy yard.

If you are uncertain whether a tree should be taken down, calling the tree removal experts from Teague's Tree service is the best first step. We can inspect your property, your tree, and the condition to determine if a tree removal is warranted. Safety is our top priority. If we think a tree is unstable, we'll recommend a removal right away.

After the tree is taken down, be sure to ask about our stump removal services too!

Tree Removal San Antonio, TX

We don’t believe in wasting anything. We put the trees and stumps we remove to good use by selling them as firewood. All of the firewood we use is dried, disease-free hardwood, perfect for burning in outdoor fire pits or indoor woodstoves. Give us a call at (210) 718-0142 if you need firewood, and we’ll deliver it right to your door.

When you need to hire a company for trusted tree removal services, look to Teague's Tree Service serving San Antonio, TX. Don't let a tree that could cause a problem in the future linger around. Address the issue promptly to ensure everything is taken care of. At Teague's Tree Service, we specialize in trusted tree removal services.
Stump Removal San Antonio, TX
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