Demossing Services for San Antonio, TX

One tree service that is absolutely essential for many San Antonio, TX property owners is demossing. While some people enjoy the look of moss hanging off their trees, many more consider it a nuisance. In particular, ball moss, the San Antonio area's most prominent type, is only an eyesore, but a hazard to the health of trees as well. So should you demoss your trees? There are many factors to consider. If you're looking for a tree service company to handle your demossing needs, look no further than Teague's Tree Service. Our arborists will treat your property right!

Our Tree Services Keep Your Trees Free from Moss!

Ball moss is a native plant of Texas that grows as gray clumps on the branches of trees and bushes. It is not a parasite, however, because it gets its nutrients from rain and sun rather than its host tree. The danger of moss comes from the extra weight it adds to a tree's limbs and bark, especially when wet. Dense moss can also decrease wind and rain resistance during a storm and prevent growth of young buds and leaves by creating too much shade.

Regular, periodic moss removal will improve the health and longevity of your trees and property as a whole. Leave the job to the professionals. Our tree service team knows what type of moss to look for, how much to remove, and how to remove it without harming the tree. For quality tree demossing, call Teague's Tree Service today!
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