San Antonio, TX

Professional Tree Services for 
San Antonio, TX

Not only is San Antonio one of the largest cities in Texas, it's one of the largest in the entire country! With a huge and ever-growing population, there's a big demand for local businesses and residential services across the community. 

Homeowners and businesses alike choose Teague's Tree Service for small and large tree services on their property. Since 1996, we've been putting our best foot forward with all types of tree care in the region. 

Tree Trimming

To keep your trees healthy and growing strong, tree trimming services are important. Routine maintenance and pruning can help to remove any diseased or damaged areas of the tree, to add shape and design, and to promote new growth. The specialists from Teague's Tree Service are available to lend a hand with any maintenance or tree care services. 

Tree Stump Removal

When a tree is diseased or damaged, it can cause more harm than good. If a tree has died on your property or looks like it may fall, having it evaluated to be taken down is very important. Diseased, dying, or damaged trees can all pose a safety hazard. Teague's Tree Service can provide an estimate of both the tree removal and even stump removal to clean up your property. 

For the best tree services in the San Antonio area, Teague's Tree Service is the company to call. Our arborists take care of everything from planting to trimming and even tree stump removal. Call today to learn more about our work.
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