Roof & Power Line Clearance

Roof & Power Line Clearance in San Antonio, TX

Tree trimming and pruning are important tree care services for maintaining your trees' health and appearance. They can also be absolutely essential for your overall safety if a tree is growing too close to electric power lines or the roof of a building on your property. Branches near these structures have the potential to cause significant damage, especially during heavy wind storms. Call on the tree trimming experts at Teague's Tree Service for roof and power line clearance in San Antonio, TX.

Tree Trimming for Safety

Wayward tree limbs have been known to smash windows, tear up shingles and gutters, as well as break off and crash through roofs. Tree debris that naturally collects on your roof can also cause issues due to the added weight and increased likelihood of mold growth and pest infestations.

Trees that mingle with high-voltage electrical lines are even more dangerous. Branches making contact with these lines can cause power outages and charge the tree so that it is unsafe to touch. Multiple people each year are burned or killed from climbing electrified trees.
Tree Trimming San Antonio, TX
When you hire us for your tree trimming needs, we will scale back your trees to several feet away from any questionable structures wherever possible. This will reduce your need to repeat this process again in the near future, while still allowing your trees to regrow normally. Branch removal is not always your only option. In some situations, extra support and reinforcement measures can be added to trees to prop up drooping branches away from any endangered structures. Either way, tree clearance is best left to our tree care professionals. Contact Teague's Tree Service today to improve the safety of your property.
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